• January 16, 2023

People’s attitudes towards Korean cats have changed

A residential area in the Gehuadong area of Jiangcheng District in the west of Seoul looks like an ordinary community. There are low brick houses everywhere, but an alley is full of people queuing to visit a two-story house, which has a cafe called Cat Garden. This spacious caf é claims to be the country’s first open-air cat caf é, with 111 cats. Cats are scattered everywhere in the two-story building and the spacious front yard. Some cats approach visitors and rub with them, which is a gesture of love. Han Yeon-ji, in her twenties, was one of the visitors. There are two cats in her family, but she went to the coffee shop to meet other cats. “Cats are strange, which makes them very attractive and cute. I can forget all my worries as long as I look at them,” Han said. From top to bottom: a photo from the photo book “Cat, the magic of my life”; A still photo of Muji from YouTube Cat Channel; Stills from the local film Hello My Cat (2019); Stills from the local film “Journey of the Twelve Cats” (2019); Cat Cafe Cat Garden is located in Jiangcheng District, west of Seoul. [KRISTINA MAKEEVA, screenshot, three photos, coconut 9, park SEO-YOUNG] Park Seo-young, the owner of the cafe, is busy serving more than 100 customers. Two years ago, she transformed her father’s holiday house into a paradise for cats, hoping to “create a place where humans and cats can coexist” She added: “In the peak season, I…

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TOP 150 best Korean cat names

If you are looking for the name of the Korean cat to commemorate your and your cat’s culture or heritage, then you have come to the right place. The traditional Korean name is usually selected according to the Chinese zodiac, which is related to water, earth, wood, metal or fire. Other names are full of meaning and deeply rooted in Korean tradition. What is a good Korean name for a cat? You will notice that some names are hyphenated and consist of two elements, each of which has a different meaning. This means that many names are composed of two or more elements. You can also combine names to create your own meaning and perfect cat name. In this article, we have selected 150 best Korean cat names and their meanings to make your search easier. Best Korean male cat name. Bae – This name means “inspiration”. Bon-Hwa – This name means “glorious”. Bong – This means Phoenix. Chin-Hwa – This name means “most wealthy”. Chin-Mae – This name means “truth”. Chul – This name means “firm”. Chung-hee – This means righteous and dutiful Daeshim – This means the greatest mind Dak-Ho – This means “deep lake”. Dong-Sun – This means “Eastern integrity”. Eun – This means kindness. Gi – This means “brave”. Hak-Kun – This means “rooted in intelligence”. Han-gyeol – This means uniformity. Haneul – This means ‘sky or heaven’. Dak-Ho – This means “deep lake”. Hei – This means ‘wisdom or intelligence’. Hyun-ki – This means wise and astute. Hyun-woo – This…

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south korea say cats caused more house fires

According to fire officials in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, more than 100 cat fires have occurred in South Korea in the past three years, and pet owners have been warned to be vigilant. The Seoul Fire and Disaster Bureau issued a statement on Thursday that from January 2019 to November this year, cats caused 107 house fires. The department said that the cats were believed to have caused the fire by turning on the electric stove. The cat can turn on the electric stove by clicking the touch-sensitive button – once it overheats, the electric appliance will catch fire. The statement added that four people were injured in the fire, more than half of which occurred when the pet owner was out. Chung Gyo-chul, an official of the department, said: “The recent fire related to cats is still continuing.”. “We recommend that families with pets pay special attention, because when no one is at home, the fire may spread widely.” The department also advised the cat owner to take out the paper towels and other flammable substances from the stove. It is recommended to use electric furnace with automatic locking function to prevent fire risk. According to the department, pet related house fires in Seoul are on the rise. The department said that from January to September 2019, there were 31 such fires, a significant increase from 8 in 2016. The report added that most fires were caused by cats. The problem is not limited to South Korea. According to the data of…

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