• March 16, 2022

TOP 150 best Korean cat names

If you are looking for the name of the Korean cat to commemorate your and your cat’s culture or heritage, then you have come to the right place.
The traditional Korean name is usually selected according to the Chinese zodiac, which is related to water, earth, wood, metal or fire. Other names are full of meaning and deeply rooted in Korean tradition.
What is a good Korean name for a cat?
You will notice that some names are hyphenated and consist of two elements, each of which has a different meaning. This means that many names are composed of two or more elements. You can also combine names to create your own meaning and perfect cat name.
In this article, we have selected 150 best Korean cat names and their meanings to make your search easier.
Best Korean male cat name.

Bae – This name means “inspiration”.
Bon-Hwa – This name means “glorious”.
Bong – This means Phoenix.
Chin-Hwa – This name means “most wealthy”.
Chin-Mae – This name means “truth”.
Chul – This name means “firm”.
Chung-hee – This means righteous and dutiful
Daeshim – This means the greatest mind
Dak-Ho – This means “deep lake”.
Dong-Sun – This means “Eastern integrity”.
Eun – This means kindness.
Gi – This means “brave”.
Hak-Kun – This means “rooted in intelligence”.
Han-gyeol – This means uniformity.
Haneul – This means ‘sky or heaven’.

Dak-Ho – This means “deep lake”.

Hei – This means ‘wisdom or intelligence’.
Hyun-ki – This means wise and astute.
Hyun-woo – This name means wise and house.
In-Su – This name means “preserving wisdom”.
Ji-hoon – This name means wisdom and rank.
Ji-Hyun – This means “ambition”.
Ji-Tae – This means ‘wisdom, reason, or intellect’.
Ji-Woo – This means ‘ambition or purpose’. Other spellings include Jee-Woo and Chi-Woo.
Ji-Woong – This means ‘wisdom is a male’ .
Ji-Yeon – This means ‘wisdom, support, or happiness’ .
Ji-Yoo – This means ‘wisdom’ and rich.
Ji-Yoon – This means ‘good fortune, posterity, or purpose’.
Jieun – This means “hidden”.
Jimin – This name means “quick”.
Jiwoo – This name means “mercy”.

Jieun – This means “hidden”.

Joon – This means ‘exceptionally talented man’.
Jung-hoon – This means honest and rank.
Kang-dae – This means mighty and strong.
Ki – This name means “strong”.
Kija – Kija was a legendary king who brought Chinese culture to the Korean people a millennia ago.
Kim – This means “gold”.
Kim Soo-hyun – This means ‘excellent, virtuous, or gold’.
Korain – This name means luminous and glorious.
Kwan – This name means ‘one who is strong or wild’.
Kwang-Sun – This means “wide goodness”.
Kyong – This name means “brightness”.
Kyung-Hu – This name means “just”.
Mal-chin – Means to persist until the end.
Man-Shik – This name means “deep rootedness”.
Minjun – This name means ‘clever, talented, and handsome’.

Kwang-Sun – This means “wide goodness”.

Moon – Moon means “learned” or “literate”.
Mun-Hee – This means ‘shiny, and literate’.
Nam-Gi – This means ‘southern rise’.
Ryung – This means ‘shiny and bright.
Saja – This name means “lion”.
Sam – This means “third child”.
Sang-hoon – This name means benevolent and rank.
Sang-ook – This means the one who is forever well and healthy.
Seok – This means “stone”.
Seong-Su – This name means both “success” and “sacred”.
Seoul – This is the capital of South Korea.
Seung – This name means “inherit”.
So – This name means “smile”.
Suk-chin – This means the unshakable rock.
Sung-ho – This name means successor and greatness.

Saja – This name means “lion”.

Sung-Mo – This means ‘wrath or anger’.
Tae-Hyeong – This means ‘exalted or a superior person’.
U-Jin – This name name means an enduring show of gratitude.
Ulsan – This is a small city in South Korea.
Whan – This means “enlarging”.
When Yeong – This means “reflective shadow”.
Won-Chul – This means “wise”.
Won-Shik – This name means “head of the family”.
Woo-Jin – This means ‘protected house, or family treasure’.
Woo-Sung – This means ‘wrath or anger’.
Woong – This means “magnificence”.
Yong-saeng – This name means “to live forever”.
Yong-Sun – This means the “Dragon in the first position”.
Yoon-Suh – This name means “thank you”.
Young-Jae – This name means “Mountains of prosperity”.
Best Korean Female Cat Names

Won-Chul – This means “wise”.

Aengcho – This means “primrose” flower.
Ailiseu – This means “iris” flower.
Akasia – This name means “acacia” flower.
Ara – This means “beautiful”.
Areum – This means “beauty”.
Beullubel – This name means “bluebell” flower.
Bitna – This means “shining”.
Bo-Bae – This name means a precious treasure.
Bong Cha – This means the “ultimate girl”.
Chija – This means “gardenia” flower.
Cho – This name means “beautiful”.
Chun – This means “justice” or “spring”.
Dae – This name means greatness.
Dallia – This means “Dalia” flower.
Deiji – This name means “daisy” flower.

Bong Cha – This means the “ultimate girl”.

Desuli – This means “periwinkle” flower.
Digitalliseu – This name means “foxglove”.
Dongbaeg – This means “camellia” flower.
Eunjoo – This means “little flower”.
Geobela – This means “gerbera” flower.
Geum-Eocho – This means “snapdragon” flower.
Geumsonghwa – This means “calendula” flower.
Goo – This means the one who completes you.
Gwa – This means “aster”.
Hae-Won – This means ” graceful garden”.
Hae – This means “she is like the ocean”.
Hana – This name means “my favorite” and will give your child full bragging rights.
Haw – This means “young beautiful flower”.
Hei-Ran – This means “graceful orchid” flower.
Heonbyeong – This means “snowdrop”.

Hae-Won – This means ” graceful garden”.

Hiasinseu – This means “hyacinth” flower.
Hiseu – This means “heather”.
Holli – This means “holly”.
Hwa-Young – This means “beautiful flower”.
Hyeobjugdo – This means “oleander” flower.
Hyun-Ki – This means wise and pearl all in one.
Indongdeong-Gul – This means “honeysuckle” flower.
Jaeseumin – This means “jasmine” flower.
Jang-Mi – This means “rose” flower.
Jebikkoch – This means “violet” flower.
Jia – This means “beautiful”.
Jimin – This name means quick, clever intellect.
Jin – This means both “jewel” and “truth” for strength and sparkle.
Jindallae – This means “azalea” flower.
Jiyoung – This means “flower”.

Hiseu – This means “heather”.

Joo – This means “precious”.
Keullematiseu – This means “clematis”.
Keullobeo – This means “clover”.
Kyung-Soon – This means “honored and mild”.
Labendeo – This means “lavender” flower.
Loteoseu – This means “lotus”.
Mee – Mee means “beautiful”.
Mi-Hi – This name means “beautiful joy”.
Minali – This means “buttercup”.
Mindeulle – This name means “dandelion” flower.
Molan – This means “peony” flower.
Nancho – This name means “orchid” flower.
Nari – This means “lily flower”.
Nari – This name means “lily”.
Paenji – This means “pansy” flower.
Mi-Hi – This name means “beautiful joy”.
Pityunia – This means “petunia”.
Pugsya – This name means “fuschia” flower.
Sang – This means “always” and “mutual”.
Sena – This name means “world’s beauty”.
Soo-A – This means “perfect lotus flower”.
Soo-Gook – This name means “hydrangea” flower.
Soo-Yun – This name means “perfect lotus flower”.
Sook – This name means “pure”.
Sulegughwa – This means “cornflower”.
Tyullib – This name means “tulip” flower.
Yang-Gwibi – This means “poppy” flower.
Yeong – Yeong means “one with courage”.
Yon – This name means “lotus blossom” flower.
Young-Hee – This name means “flowers”.
Yuri – This name means “crystal”.
Korean names continue to evolve due to so many hybrid options, yet still pay homage to the traditional names. Many Korean names are also gender-neutral which means you have even more of a selection when choosing a name for your kitty.